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Original Otto Brothers Honda StoreThe origination of Otto Brothers Honda was the result of two young men’s dreams, Donald Otto and William Otto.

They both worked together for a Harley dealership in Chicago, Illinois and longed to open their own business together.  Along came a friend who joined them and they became three, when, Albert Goldberg completed the team.

In the summer of 1969, they opened their doors at 7911 W. Ogden Avenue in Lyons, Illinois.  It was a smaller shop, but the business thrived.  Only two years later they needed to expand and moved into, the current location, the building at 7837 W. Ogden Avenue in Lyons, Illinois.  All three owners were riders, two of them, Don and Bill were racers as well, including many a race at Santa Fe Speedway. 

Don and Al have both passed on, leaving Bill to be the man to keep this magical dream alive and thriving.  He does this with the assistance of his daughter Jennifer and a dedicated staff of employees.

Otto Brothers Honda Store Front

Otto Brothers Honda is:

• The co-originator of the Legends Motorcycle Club

• One of the first American Honda dealerships to have opened in the Chicagoland Area.

• One of top 10 owners in the state to be allowed to tour American Honda’s Japan Factory

• One of the owners experience includes servicing the Chicago Police Department Motorcycles at the Harley Dealership where he started in the business.

• Stocked and ready to go with vintage motorcycle parts, many hard to find

We remain as dedicated to serving our customers now, as we did when we started back in 1969.  Some of the faces have changed, but the main focus, the customer, has not.